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AFRICAONLINE 4IT is a pool of IT professionals of African who help companies find the right fit for their projects.

We have a pool of candidates with the most sought-after skills in the current market.

We make it easier for companies in Canada and USA to recruit qualified personnel residing on the African continent. With the possibility of telework popularized by the emergence of the pandemic, skilled workers can work from their country of origin without immigrating. The African continent is often known for its mineral resources. But the digital age makes it possible to highlight the quality of African training courses and universities. This qualified and competent human resource has been highly coveted in recent years by companies that have started to relocate certain services on the continent thanks to technological innovation.Our objective is to promote the accessibility of Canadian companies to this target which is already very coveted. by companies who are concerned with reducing their costs in an increasingly competitive market. 

Fun Presentation
  • African workers or students in the field of IT and related 

  • Canadian companies that are looking for skilled workers who can work from their home country without necessarily having to immigrate to Canada. 

  • Job seekers must provide a detailed curriculum vitae to increase their chance of finding employment in Canada.

  • Companies must provide fairly comprehensive information about the position in order to find the ideal candidate 

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